Why Do People LOVE Boobs?

Oops…caught you looking!

Hey, don’t feel bad. Looking at a woman’s breasts is a perfectly natural thing for people who love the ladies do. That doesn’t give you permission to stare or gawk, but a little peek to admire our melons is totally normal. If it weren’t, then you wouldn’t be doing it!

So why do our ta-ta’s play such a significant role in the Laws of Attraction that they have this alluring, almost hypnotic effect on people who love women’s bodies?

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:

1) They’re mysterious: Yes, and who doesn’t love a little mystery? When you see a woman wearing a sexy, low-cut top, don’t you want to see a little more?

Chances are, you’re picturing our nipples and fantasizing about how they feel in your hands, how they smell, how they taste.

Yet in most social situations, we’re forced to cover them up. Which makes you want to see them even more!

When a woman gives you permission to see what’s beneath her skimpy underthings, as she begins to slowly take her clothes off, do you hold your breath in anticipation? And then does your jaw drop to the floor once she’s standing in front of you topless?

Of course you do! The mystery of what her bosom looks like might be over, but the fun is just beginning.

2) They’re exclusively female: Men and women have many of the same body parts, such as eyes, ears, noses, and bums. Physically, our similarities vastly outnumber our differences. 

With the few things we have that you don’t, jugs are at the top of the list, and generally serve as one of the first visual indicators that you are indeed looking at a feminine form.

Heterosexual men and hardcore lesbians, among other lady lovers, look at other men’s bodies and feel zero sexual urge. To them, they’re just bodies that offer nothing sexually. However, when a woman, exuding feminine energy, walks into a room full of men and those who love women, the energy changes. Suddenly, there’s someone different among you, with softer features, wider hips, and a fabulous set of hooters that really signal the difference.

3) It’s a sign of a mature body: For many men, sexual attraction comes from the desire to reproduce. To satisfy that desire, they’re instinctively looking for a blossomed woman.

Breasts are a clear indicator of this, which is why they get so turned on when they see them. What follows is the immediate urge to mate – or at least have some fun! 

4) They’re in your face! When you’re attracted to a woman, you want to be as close to her as possible. As opposed to our pleasure-centre-down-under, which we keep generally hidden, our melons are positioned fairly prominently on our bodies, even for those of us with relatively a small pair. 

A lot of human contact – and sexuality – is face-to-face, putting those titties front and center whenever you’re talking, flirting, or having sex. It gives you something to admire that speaks to that deeply seeded need to get laid.

If you’re lucky enough, you might spot the outline of nipple, or get a glimpse of her breast’s curvy outline. Getting hot under the collar? That’s okay – it’s perfectly normal!

5) Our boobs are intimate: When we share them with you, we’re giving you something intimate about ourselves to enjoy. And trust me – when we find you attractive we’re just as thrilled for you to see them, and get just as much pleasure from you touching, caressing, and licking them as you do. 

It’s perfectly natural for you to stop and enjoy our treasure chest, whatever size it may be, as you get to know our bodies. 

Our sexual desire for one another brings us closer together to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our beautiful melons play a big part of that, which is one of the reasons they grab your attention – and keep it.

So, enjoy those boobs as much as you like. You were born to love them!

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