Stand Out

Are you ready for a major breakthrough in your business? Are you hungry for growth, and ready to take massive action?

It’s time to step up your game because this is your year to shine!

Let me ask you…What makes you stand out vs all the other girls in the industry? What sets you apart from the rest? Why should someone choose you over the person advertised next to you? 

This email is about finding your niche and providing the kind of value that no one else is giving. 

Because, after all, if you are doing the same that everyone else is, only 10x better, you will receive an incremental return. But, if you do something that no one else is doing, you’re going to find unbelievable rewards.

Here are 3 questions to answer that’ll get you that much closer to finding your niche and creating the kind of value that your ideal client is craving.

1. Who is your target audience? 

Narrowing down who your target audience is will help you create a hugely targeted marketing strategy that will have a much higher chance on attracting your ideal client.

Get as specific as you can when answering this question.

eg A. White Men, age 50-60, CEO types, divorced, has 2 teenaged kids, lives locally, Travels for work, runner, loves to cook, doesn’t drink, but is 420 friendly, income is $300k+ annually, etc.

eg B. Men and their girlfriends, any race, 30-50, entrepreneur, loves to party, loves to workout, booty fetish, drinks, 420 friendly, income is $100k-$300k annually, etc

2. What does your target audience like to do? 

When you know what they like to do, you‘ll know how to connect with them. Your marketing strategies will incorporate their needs and desires. Also, your marketing strategy will be well placed, as you’ll know where they are.

eg. Gym, sports, cook, go out for dinner, get high, smoke cigars, travel, beach, fishing, yoga, live bands, lounges, art, explore fetishes, cars, motorcycles, shows, stay in together because he’s very, very discreet, etc.

Once you figure out who your target audience is and what kind of things they are into, then you know how to reach them on an emotional level. 

And FYI: people buy because there is some sort of emotion attached to the decision.

3. How can you give your target audience the new experiences they are craving?

This is going to sound a bit ridiculous, and I’m going to ask it anyway, because it works! What is everyone else NOT offering?

Most men who enjoy private entertainment love variety. Even if they have 1 or 2 all time faves, they still love variety. So what is the new thing you can create in the adult entertainment? Maybe it exists in another city and no one has opened it up in your city yet. Or maybe it’s an off-the-wall-idea that sounds too, well, off the wall. The concept to grasp here is think outside of the box. Be different. Be innovative. Be the one to look out for! 

All in all, answering these 3 questions should take you at least an hour to answer. 

Happy innovating!

To your success,

Miss Jada