Joee x NOW Toronto

Joee x NOW Magazine – The Partnership this industry needed

Canada’s biggest partnership in Adult Sector

Now Magazine and Announce Joint Venture Partnership to Enhance their Adult Entertainment World. is thrilled to announce its JV partnership with NOW Magazine Toronto, one of the oldest and still free magazines in Toronto.

We are very excited about this new venture as it provides an opportunity for us to reach a much wider audience than ever before, said Shannon Lee, Joee’s VP of operation.

1. About NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine is an iconic Canadian media brand that has defined and pioneered independent news over the course of 39 years. It is the voice of the creative class in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most diverse city. NOW connects with a broad community of Torontonians who are financially secure, tech-savvy, and well educated; the best audience that every online media company like us is looking for.

2. How does this partnership help Joee?

This joint venture Partnership with NOW Magazine will give access to over 2.6 million viewership per month through three amazing online media platforms they operate today. Georgia Straight, (Local Vancouver news and the premier guide for events, music, arts, movies, restaurants, food, dining, nightlife, and things to do in Vancouver), CannCentral, (Local to Ontarians, Canncentral is a digital platform dedicated to covering the latest in cannabis and psychedelic news, acting as an authoritative voice in the wellness market). eCentral Sports, (The latest news from across the esports industry covering interviews, event coverage, opinion pieces, reviews and much more from the esports world). This is going to massively increase our website’s visibility through NOW’s total monthly readers of 2.6M.

For our Entertainers: This partnership brings over 2.6 million viewership to Joee’s platform resulting in a major boost in daily views.

For Public: Having a wide reach throughout Canada and a strong brand by our side, we can bring on-board a lot more entertainers and provide our viewers with a variety of entertainers to choose from.

3. What is Changing?

We are changing for the better. Our whole website is revamped from old school interfaces to the new modern look with more flexibilities to both our entertainers and members, giving them a more intuitive interface that can be operated and enjoyed from their mobile phones.

Plus to show our commitments to our entertainers, we have reduced our pricing to as little as $15 a week or $49 a month including a 30 day FREE trial to prove to you that our platform is the only platform you will ever need to promote your ad.

4. How Can I join?

If you’re an entertainer, you can join by visiting and sign up for free. To make things better, we have created a coupon for you: just use the following code (FNF21) in the registration page and receive 100% off on your first month of membership.

100% Off Coupon Code: FNF21

Thank you.