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Screening is a safety protocol, plain and simple which is very important as this industry attracts a lot of bad apples. If they know who you are they have the power to hold you responsible in all ways if you harm them. Most bad people don’t want to be caught and tend to quickly disappear when their anonymity is shed. Screening serves as an excellent filter for most nefarious people.

How can girls ever confirm if this is true or not? A bad person can easily say the same thing. No one is saying that you are necessarily a rapist or abuser if you want to miss a screening session, but models would be playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette if they started blindly trusting people. The possible consequences will never be worth it. Instead of getting mad at providers, get mad at the bad people out there who make screening a necessity.

It is a harsh reality that escorts and sex workers have to face a lot of inappropriate attitudes and violence from dangerous men. Escorts are the most easily available option for people like rapist, serial killer and other violent men who are looking to be abusive and to commit violence against women. If you are asking a model to ignore the screening process, mind that you are risking us meeting someone who can hurt us in a really bad way.

Violent and dangerous men whose major purpose is to commit harm towards women take the benefit of anonymity of their identity, which holds zero responsibility to them if they hurt us in any way. This process questions their identity due to which these kinds of men change their direction right away after listening about the screening process.

This is of course a valid concern for any person. If a man needs to go through screening it is very important for the client to make sure that whoever they are incontact with goes through a similar screening process according to mutual consent.

Just like girls, you must also realize the worst case scenario that could happen being in contact with some model. But, what we miss here is even if men is found seeing with some escort or sex workers, people tend to forgive and forget them very easily. Society is more accepting to men seeing escorts, “Boys will be boys!”, but terribly unforgiving and judgmental towards women. Escort’s need for safety is much more dire than men’s need for privacy. No middle ground exists without compromising one. And for as long as sex work continues to be stigmatized, criminalized and the hot-bed of sexual exploitation, our safety will always – ALWAYS – take precedence over anything else.

It is a men’s absolute right to know as much as possible about an escort before booking them but they cannot decide what is good for ladies and what is not. No one can risk their life and safety just because someone wants to be anonymous

This can be done only after your real number and identification is verified.

Absolutely not! Any reference can not do that, an escort must be able to know your identity personally.


Business/professional credentials help us know your real and verified identity. If you are going to contact escorts from your private contact information, we can obviously not identify and rely on that information.

Absolutely not, if we need to verify your identity for the purpose of screening we have burner email and phone numbers for that purpose. No one will be contacting your workplace to discriminate against you or your privacy.

Everything that is shared by you for contacting an escort or for screening purposes will stay confidential. This information will only be disclosed if anything is done by you that is against our policy. Otherwise our escorts will also deny meeting you or knowing you to keep your privacy safe with them if you have not made it clear to that person already.

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